Celebrate Democracy!

Today is the day we get to take an active part in determining the direction of this country. No matter which way it goes, we can have the confidence that our country will survive four years of whomever is in office!

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
The Back Roads of America

That's where you'll find some of my shirts! There are HOPE shirts in Texas, Georgia and New York... 3 All The Way shirts in California, Florida and Massachusetts. So, I guess it isn't true that Rhode Islanders never travel outside the state...!

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
Hot Wiener Drama

Several weeks ago I stopped in at Olneyville New York System and showed my 3 All The Way t-shirt to Greg, the owner. He declined the opportunity to collaborate or link to my site, stating that he was in the restaurant business, not the clothing business. Fair enough.
Within hours, he posted my shirt on his Facebook page with no acknowledgement or link to me. Hundreds of people commented and many wanted to but the shirt. He never acknowledged that the design was not his to sell.
In this online community, it was very un-neighborly to post without acknowledgement and create the impression that the shirt design was his. A post to acknowledge the shirt's designer (me!) and link would cost nothing, and would generate positivity. He lost an opportunity to be gracious.
On a positive note, the folks at Wienerama in Cranston have purchased several of my shirts. As one small business to another, I thank you and may God bless you and your business.

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
I'm a Festival Gypsy

The Summit Music Festival was rescheduled for this past Saturday, and it was a fun event. The music was mighty good - (Mighty Good Boys, Smith & Weeden, Mamadou, MOGA) and the crowd was having a good time. Met some very nice folks... and what better place to sell HOPE t-shirts than on Hope Street??!! I did get my Rocket burger and it was very good. Find them on Twitter and go get a slider with the Garlic Aioli. You will definitely need more than one napkin.
This weekend is the East Greenwich festival - see link on News and Events page. This should be one crazy busy two days. I will have a NEW shirt design at this show - a real Rodilan special. The forecast is for hot and sunny - if I can't be at the beach at least I can work on my tan. Stop in and say howdy!

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
A Very Festive Weekend

Wa-hoo sure sounds like a great afternoon tomorrow in Lippitt Park... the band lineup sounds great, and I will definitely be frequenting several of those mighty fine food trucks (Rocket Street Food's burgers are beyond sublime.... but I think I already wrote about those...!) And, I must get my Vitamin D on with a PVD Pudding Pop from Val.
Oh, and I will be there with Rhode Island's only authentic t-shirts. Stop in and say hello! I'lll be in the tent near my friend April, who makes awesome accessories from reclaimed coffee bean bags. I will be buying one tomorrow. So should you. See you there!!!

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
Musings on a Vermont Back Road

I spent a long weekend in the Green Mountain State, at a friend's house high on a (green) hill. A remote, restful, soul-nourishing place... with a vista of hills, valleys, farms and sky. I could look at that for hours. I did.
The dirt roads go on for miles, with hidden farms and corn fields, meadows and lots of dairy cows. Absolutely no cell phone service. That's actually what made it enjoyable. It was like going out to recess - just play and enjoy!
I picked a bucket-ful of blackberries and made a Tart To Die For. Check out my Facebook page for a photo.
I know, it's all sunshine and butterflies in July...come January, it's another story. The only way you drive down those back roads in winter is with a four-wheel drive!

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne

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