Crimes of Fashion

I'm all for highlighting one's assets, but the young-ish woman at the P-Bruins game wearing the low-cut jeans over her more than ample derriere was not just highlighting them. She completely exposed her "asset." i had the misfortune to be sitting "behind" her and saw most of what God gave her. Did she not consult a A.) mirror or B.) companion before leaving the house? C'mon now.
Rant over. P-Bruins lost in a shootout, but it was a fun game.

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
Daily Injections of Style

I've come across a few shopping sites that feature interesting, trendy, innovative design... you have to be a "member" to shop the sites, but once you sign up, you'll get a daily email with limited-time sales on unique products. Check them out - and
I know your mailbox will fill up, but it's a great way to waste a few minutes every day absorbing some great design!

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
Once a Hippie....

Maybe always a hippie. I wonder if our individual design aesthetic coalesces in our coming-of-age years? My era was the early 70s - and I still love bohemian style. Indian block prints, carved sheesham wood, Mexican green glass, intricate Persian carpets, a cultural mash-up that results in a glorious bazaar of color and texture. I always wanted a room with low banquettes covered in carpets and piled with patchwork pillows. Sounds like a hookah bar! (That's hook-AH, hot hook-ER!). I have a few treasured items from my hippie years - a sheesahm box, some block print fabric scraps, even some glass love beads. Someday I'll buy the ultimate 70s decorator item - a carved sheesham screen. We had one in the store when I worked at India Imports of Rhode Island in the mid 70s.

Back to that theory of getting stuck in an era's design aesthetic - at least I didn't come of age in the disco years!

Here's a link to carpets that epitomize my personal style: Their Colour and Living collections are modern takes on the boho look.

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
No Time Like The Present

Time is like a broad, slow-moving river - powerful and unstoppable. Check out a new way to note the passage of time:

I want one. I predict that this will be a popular wedding gift in 2012.

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
Still time to spread some Hope!

This really is the most wonderful time of the year... take time to savor the Christmas lights, crisp chilly air, and the smile on people's faces.
There's still time to give a Hope t-shirt - Buy before Tuesday, get it by Saturday.  Or buy the Get What You Give shirt and $8 goes to the Providence Rescue Mission.

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne
Share some optimism!

So, I read a poll last week that said Rhode Island ranks near the bottom for places to start a business. I guess I didn't get the memo in time...! Ayyyy. So, we'll have to exhibit some unbridled optimism, even before the evidence of change is obvious. Isn't that the definition of hope and faith? I'll be wearing my Rhode Island Hope shirt everywhere. (Fear not, I'll wash it regularly.)

Posted on Sep 18, 2013 by Anne

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